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Rising temperatures are not good for the skin. One should know and understand the type and nature of the skin and take precautions and care and use non-toxic ingredients to avoid or mitigate dryness, suntan and adopt ways to keep it clean and cool.SUN TANWhen the skin is exposed to sun for a longtime, it burns the skin and darkens it, causing suntan.To avoid darkening of skin due to sun exposure, apply sunscreen before going out into the open. This lotion forms a protective layer which prevents the ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin.

CLEANINGUse delicate facial cleaners to your skin and keep the skin always clean. Don’t allow sweat, oil and dust to remain on your skin.
Acne and pimples: Excessive exposure to sun makes way for expansion of pores in the skin, resulting in too much sweating and oil to secrete. If not taken care this may lead to formation of acne and pimples. use recommended face packs, cleansers according to the type of your skin.It is also essential that you keep it cool. to avoid rashes due to excessive heat. Clear the dead skin out by using various exfoliating scrubs.By proper and regular care you can regain what the sun takes away, during summer.MOISTURISEThe most essential thing to look healthy, is the moisture content it has. In dry weather there will be a free flow of skin’s natural oil, through the expanded pores. In hot weather the skin looks oily, so one should use a light moisturisers, which are oil free.

HOW AND WHAT TO USE?1) The skin is classified as dry, oily and natural.
2) Know your type and buy the packs, cleansers, moisturisers,toners suitable to it.
3) Apply them as per the instructions given.
4) Choose the brand after a detailed discussion with experts and inputs from friends.

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It is probably the case that you have been given a gift of some skin care products that one of your friends claims are the absolute best products imaginable. But as a matter of fact there is no real difference between what you have been using for the last number of years.What is the key to finding a good range of skin care is to make sure that the active ingredients are organic and naturally derived.One of the big problems with skin care products is knowing what products will actually be effective as there are just so many products to choose from. How will you be able to determine if the ingredients contained in a particular brand will prove to be beneficial to the skin.

The best skin care products that are available will do more than just moisturise the skin, fight off the signs of ageing, promote the skin to regain its elasticity and to also protect the skin from free radicals that can cause damage to the skin.You should also insist that any skin products that you use will be rich in vitamins especially A, C and also E. These are referred to as antioxidants and are needed to help delay the signs of wrinkles appearing on the skin.As already mentioned free radicals that exist in the air, are constantly bombarding themselves against the surface of the skin, and over time this is causing damage to the skin surface. These vitamins help to create a barrier and help to keep the skin looking much more youthful.

It has been discussed what you should use but there are also certain ingredients that you need to avoid such as mineral oil. This is often used as a very cheap base, but can disrupt the functioning of the skin such as sweating and can even aggravate skin ailments such as acne.